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The Azure Platform Service

Azure cloud transformation
The Azure platform offers services for running your applications in Microsoft computing centers and ensures availability. It is useful to

Benefits of Azure Cloud Services include

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure is the cloud-based platform which is used to develop, manage and host applications off-site. iConsult– one of the official Microsoft Azure partners - helps organizations to run applications, store data and accomplish networking functionalities on cloud with the help of comprehensive frameworks, tools and languages. This application platform helps in centrally managing both Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service requirements. The exclusive combination of services allows users to deploy, build and manage applications from any device.

    iConsult recommends Azure for efficient data backup, storage and recovery at cost effective budget. It makes easier to develop and scale on-premise and cloud applications to any size. iConsult can competently meet all your Azure requirements beginning right from initial review to the actual deployment. Our experts are focused on giving high performance solutions to the enterprises.

How Microsoft Azure Tools Create Value for You

Offer data backup in the cloud
  • Backup
  • Azure helps you in providing easy, scalable data backup in the cloud for a range of applications, such as file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Exchange. For improved data protection, iConsult, a cloud computing system integrator encourages developers to use encrypted backups and know that data is backed up on Azure’s global geo-redundant datacenters. You also have the flexibility to quickly and easily provision more storage for your customers as needed. iConsult recommends Azure Backup as it provides a great way to offer customers a value-added service to Windows Server upgrades with a convenient, affordable way to backup on-premises servers.

Deploy applications within virtual machines
  • Backup
  • Azure also opens up the opportunity to help customers deploy applications in the cloud by hosting them in Azure VMs. Windows Server 2003 End of Support is on July15th, 2015. This presents a huge opportunity to drive the IaaS scenarios. With Azure, applications can be deployed quickly by moving them into an Azure VM. There are no up front infrastructure costs, you reduce IT management, and the application has scale up or down as needed. And with the Microsoft Migration Accelerator, you’ll be able to quickly and easily migrate active workloads (including those in VMware environments) into Microsoft Azure.

Host websites on Azure
  • Backup
  • Microsoft Azure also offers a perfect platform for leveraging the cloud to deploy scalable websites. Hosting a website on Azure means that infrastructure management is covered, and you and your customers get the peace of mind from leveraging Microsoft’s global network of managed datacenters. iConsult is committed to keep its customers at the competitive edge by providing best Microsoft Azure pricing offers to fit well in their budget.

Offer disaster recovery in the cloud
  • Backup
  • With Azure Site Recovery and Windows Server 2012 R2, iConsult can help you in providing a fast, affordable disaster recovery solution for SMBs while avoiding the capital and operational expense of building and managing a datacenter.

To get more information on Azure services, get in touch with iConsult team.

Access Azure Trail:

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility
Companies need comprehensive features from access control to information and, also for data protection

IT faces the challenge of implementing mobility without sinking IT budgets, cost savings, and increasingly shorter time- to-market intervals. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite allows you to meet these demands.

iConsult Enterprise Mobility Management Framework helps customer in below mentioned areas:

Mobile Device Management.

Hybrid identity and access administration.

Data Protection.

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