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Cloud Advisory Workshop

With this workshop, you will receive an independent overview and can assess what opportunities are available to your Company. In particular, we cover the following Cloud Computing topics:

Cloud sourcing and vendor selection
This service assists you in finding and comparing the right solutions, products, and providers for your detailed requirements.

Cloud readiness analysis

The Cloud Advisory Workshop conveys a holistic Cloud Computing overview and provides a neutral overview to discover the chances & challenges of Cloud Computing in your own business model.

As part of this workshop, the Technical Specialist will create in conjunction with you, a status report of the current degree of Cloud maturity of your IT and create a target strategy geared to your needs and visions along with a catalog of measures.

The Cloud Readiness Workshop assists you in setting your goals and visions relative to your cloud readiness. After establishing your “target state”, we go into a detailed inventory of your IT environment. Based on this data, our technology expert creates your current degree of cloud maturity with regard to your goal setting and works up suggestions for you regarding further actions and measures

As a part of the workshop, we will cover the following topics:

Cloud Computing
Business Consulting
Data Center Transformation
Training and Development
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