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Corporate Services

  • Execution and Delivery
  • Value Added Services
The initial engagement with a client for transactional support relating to drafting, revising and executing commercial contracts is premised on:
  • Demarcating the client’s relevant standards and operating procedures/processes, i.e. how is the client presently executing its responsibilities in regards to the particular contract type at issue and what legal standards are applied
  • Determining how iConsult can effectively integrate with those procedures in order to provide the requisite support
  • Executing a phased, knowledge-sharing schedule that concentrates on acclimatizing iConsult to the client's practices

Leveraging our highly customized Six Sigma methodologies and sophisticated quality management system, we gather transactional data to develop detailed metrics and provide useful insights for our clients. In addition to our core corporate services, we:

  • Target process improvements to increase efficiency
  • Provide an overview of non-standard terms to expedite review by the in-house legal department
  • Evaluate transaction timelines in order to identify and resolve bottlenecks
  • Identify common deviations from baseline standards and suggest modifications to reduce negotiation cycle times

iConsult has significant experience in providing sophisticated corporate services. Our teams are well versed with contract review, analysis, documentation processing, drafting and negotiation. We have reviewed hundreds of contracts in different categories and agreement types.

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