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Your company keeps growing; your employees expect the latest technology and applications and want to work in a familiar Office environment. If you are also facing the challenge of implementing this with sinking IT budgets and cost savings, then Office 365 allows you to meet these demands.

The Microsoft Office 365 Workshop shows you what features and benefits you can expect. iConsult gives you the first glance in a live environment.

The goal of the Workshop is to show an overview of the variety of features and the possible areas of usage in your Company. Additionally, we also want to convey how iConsult stands by your side from the first step till the last.

The on-site Workshop generally lasts for 2 to 3 hours. After consultation, the Workshop can also be held online. This depends on the individual content.

Access office 365 Trail:

Workshop contents:

Overview of Office 365

What features and applications do Office 365 uses? What are the benefits of this for your IT environment?


Which is better - Subscription or Perpetual? Which e-plans are suitable and Why?

Work Environment
See how the applications look like, how you work with the Office 365 platform, how you administer the user, and what options do you have with your own domain registration?

Road map for Office 365 Adaption

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere
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  • In today’s business scenario, enterprises are busy moving their IT functionalities to cloud with the sole aim to lower IT costs and work collaboratively. iConsult is happy to help your business transition to Microsoft Office 365 – with implementation of business-centric cloud adoption strategy. Office 365 suite enables organizations to connect, share and accomplish business operations in fast possible ways. It gives access to Office applications, like file storage, video conferencing, contact, presentation, calendar, email, etc, on all devices from top brands working on various platforms. iConsult provides Office 365 to allow authorized users to access data and modify files while sitting in any corner of the world, without interrupting any business functionalities.

    iConsult in an authorized Microsoft partner offering Office 365 subscription to small and medium sized enterprises to have better IT efficiency. iConsult aims at improving client’s business productivity using programs, like Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Outlook, etc. The company is focused at maintaining enterprise level security and reliability by introducing trusted communication and collaboration tools.

It’s Office 365 – Easy Way to Work Together and Smarter
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  • As every business is unique, it has distinct requirements - to connect employees instantly or develop real-time data insights using smart technology solutions. Cloud computing integration with Office 365 suite allows users to work round-the-clock like one network. iConsult, Microsoft’s certified Office 365 partner, enriches business experience by giving high productivity results to enterprises of all sizes.

    With unlimited OneDrive storage, Office 365 also gives tools for content sharing to keep up the teamwork and sync every individual with the team. The collaborative work culture is definitely an intelligent way to make right use of valuable business resources and save money & time. iConsult’s easy to ready-to-deploy and manage services for Office 365 enables users to start with this powerful software package anytime. It always keeps the services running & up-to-date to meet all business competencies.

Empower Business with Office 365 Suite

Manage & Control Your Business Data

The Office 365 business productivity suite offers mobile device management feature to access and manage business data across wide-ranging phone devices, including Android, Windows and iOS. It applies security policies on user’s device to manage and protect corporate resources in smarter ways.
Office 365 OneDrive Cloud Storage

'Sky is the limit now' - Microsoft benefits Office 365 subscribers with unlimited data storage at no additional price. OneDrive stores all the important business data to make it available for different devices and allow multiple users to collectively collaborate & work on just one document.
Comprehensive Applications for Professionals

Office 365, the online version of traditional MS Office, gives subscription-based service with different applications, including SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Office Web, Lync Online, etc. This offering makes it easy for the professionals to work on number of applications without paying extra money.
Share Business Data Whenever Required

Office 365 allows employees to collaborate and work together, even when they are at distant places. The users can download and use Office 365 plans to access business documents anytime anywhere. This software suite also enables users to make offline modifications in the documents and synchronize them to make it accessible for all the users.
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