Data Center Transformation

iConsult today is well positioned to enable enterprises to adopt the transformational changes required to adopt cloud computing. A strong presence in India combined with established practices across various industry verticals in consulting, implementation and management services across infrastructure, Software Applications and business process management makes iConsult a strong contender in this space.

Impact of Cloud initiatives spread across multiple years in a long term strategy, and often cuts across the organizational functions, there by needing to modify both the strategic.

Data Center Evolution
Technology Our Solution iConsult Datacenter Deployment Scenario
  • 24x7 lights-out operations
  •  Capacity on demand
  •  Energy Efficient
  •  Simplified and optimal operations
  •  Service Oriented
  • Datacenter consulting
  • Modular datacenter in a rack
  • Containerized datacenter
  • Conventional DC design
  • Large scale expansion of a datacentre capacity
  • As a Greenfield datacenter
  • A big bang IT Transformation
  • Infrastructure for Enterprise Cloud Computing
  • Ready datacenter adoption for DR & BCP requirements
  • Ready Compute platform VDI
  • Foundation for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model operators

Disaster Recovery
With Disaster Recovery, your organization is in better position to deal with any system disaster and data loss that may occur due to any unforeseen event. Business continuity planning and disaster recovery are two critical aspects that cannot be overlooked by any modern business. Even a small outage can result in significant business losses that may eventually lead to complete business failure.

Disaster Recovery Solutions
Business interruptions can prove costly to an organization to an extent where the losses are not limited to earnings but extend to losing customers as well. By selecting right disaster recovery solution, you can have peace of mind and concentrate on business growth without thinking of interruptions.

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