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Contract Manangement


Contract Management System


authoring, negotiation and approval

Business contract life cycle starts off with a request from the concerned entity formulating the overall requirements for a particular project or deal.Know more

governance and obligations

Existing contracts should be modified and managed easily. Risk and goverance and compliance management should be part of the management process.Know more

 reports and dashboards

Comprehensive reporting and data extrapolation can increase the overall productivity of any business enterprise and helps in keeping the overall efficency of contract complieance.Know more

Pre Contracting

The drafting of any contracts kicks off with a request from the business party explaining the overall requirements for a particular project or deal. CLM-AURA helps companies with pre contracting phase where a contract request is made with right information and requirements. After the request the process deals with the actual authoring of contract. After drafting the contracts will be reviewed and negotiated before signing.

  • Request driven.
  • CRM integration.
  • Email notifications on progress.
  • Contract auto authored based on templates using industry and contract type.
  • Web authoring assisted by playbook, customized clause libraries.
  • Approver assignment based on tagging.
  • Web authoring assisted by playbook, customized clause libraries.
  • Multiple signing menthods including DocuSign.
approval, authoring and negotitation

Post Contracting

All companies will have an inventory of already existing contracts to be handled securely and efficiently. CLM-AURA helps companies with the post contracting phases like changing a pre existing contract and compliance/governace of their existing contracts.

  • Upload of existing contracts in pdf and docx formats.
  • Start governing existing contracts along with the new ones.
  • Manage risks.
  • Create change requests.
  • Sign off closure of exit.
governance and obligation

Contractual Reporting

CLM-AURA helps companies with comprehensive reporting and data extraction. Reporing phase helps companies to assess and stay clear of the common pitfalls associated with manual handling of contracts.

  • Be updated on oppurtunities.
  • Be updated on workloads.
  • Be updated on risks.
  • Never miss a renewal.
governance and obligation


CLMAura Support
  • On your Server
  • One time Buy
  • Cutomization and Integration
  • Quarterly Maintainance Contract
  • End User Training
  • Generic/Specific Support till end of


CLMAura Support
  • On Cloud
  • Shared or Dedicated instance
  • Cutomization and Integration*
  • Monthly Subscription
  • End User Training
  • Generic/Specific Support till end of


CLMAura Support


Problem (Bug Fixes)
  • P1 (Core-process bugs): 2 Business days
  • P2 (Other Minor bugs): 4 Business days
Updates ( once in 3 months)
  • Any relevant new features added in the subscribed module
  • Platform updates
Support Window
  • Generic: 9AM to 6PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Specific: As Per Customer Requirment

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